40 Affordable Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas


40 Affordable Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas 68
Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas 66

40 Affordable Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

The kitchen is one of the important spaces in a house. In the past, the kitchen only functioned as a place to cook, but now its function is increasingly diverse. Kitchen space can be a multifunction space because it is the center of the house. You can do many things besides cooking and eating food, with designs that follow the trends and modern lifestyle.

You do not need a hobby of cooking to have a kitchen with a complete and beautiful design. Because now the modern kitchen also handles areas to entertain family and relatives, the selection of decoration and design, as well as a storage area that suits your needs will require something important to make you more useful to be in the kitchen. Here are simple kitchen decorating ideas that can be used to make your kitchen feel comfortable and fun:

Take advantage of natural light
Light your kitchen space using natural lighting. Being an important aspect of a room. Besides functioning to illuminate the room, lighting will also build a comfortable atmosphere for you and give character to the room. Use glass windows and skylights will make it easier for natural light to illuminate and help daily activities in your kitchen, thus saving the use of lights during the day. During the day, the best lighting is used to illuminate a room in sunlight. Maximizing the use of natural light for your kitchen will certainly reduce the use of lights and increase the payment of electricity consumption during the day so it will be more energy efficient.

Add aesthetic elements
Create a simple, comfortable kitchen using a matching, soft and neutral color, with a blend of white and light gray. Suitable for space with limited size because this design will make your kitchen feel more spacious. To make your tiny kitchen invisible, add some aesthetic elements as decoration. Using accents of colorful objects and furniture will create an interesting contrasting nuance. Take advantage of the kitchen walls by using smart storage that can provide more space for you to buy and cook comfortably. Rails and hooks so you can prepare all the equipment and supplies, as well as cutlery to make your kitchen feel more organized. Group and organize to appear more personal. Add frames with pictures of kitchen ingredients and spices to make your kitchen have a strong bonding theme.


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